Comparative rates of violent crime amongst methamphetamine and opioid users: Victimisation and offending

There have been marked changes in methamphetamine use over the past decade as more potent forms of the drug have become increasingly available, particularly crystalline methamphetamine. A major concern of stronger potency methamphetamine is the increased potential for harm, such as psychotic symptoms and violent behaviour. Little is currently known about what effects methamphetamine use has on violent behaviour.

The impact of drugs on road crashes, assaults and other trauma - a prospective trauma toxicology study

The primary objective of this study was to determine the prevalence and patterns of use of specific recreational drugs in all patients with injuries requiring assessment by a trauma team at the Royal Adelaide Hospital over a one-year period. The other specific objectives included determining an estimate of the prevalence and patterns of drug use, and severity of injury, in patients presenting to the Emergency Department of the Royal Adelaide Hospital (patients of lesser severity of injury not requiring trauma service management) following a motor vehicle accident and other trauma. It also aimed to examine the correlation between drug use and mechanism, pattern, and severity of injury in patients presenting to the Royal Adelaide Hospital following a motor vehicle accident, and the epidemiological and demographic patterns associated with drug use and trauma.