The methamphetamine situation in Australia: A review of routine data sources

Monograph no. 1

Rebecca McKetin, Jennifer McLaren

This report documents what is known about the methamphetamine situation in Australia through an analysis of routinely collected data sources. Information relating to methamphetamine is summarised for the following issues: prevalence of use among the general and student population; use patterns among party drug users, injecting drug users and offenders; treatment demand; hospital service utilisation for mental and behavioural problems due to stimulants (including psychosis); mortality due to poisoning or overdose; arrest and seizure data for domestic arrests and seizures, domestic clandestine laboratory seizures and import seizures; purity for domestic seizures; and street level prices and availability among party drug users and injecting drug users. The analysis shows that currently 'amphetamines' (predominantly methamphetamine) are the second most commonly used illicit drug type after cannabis, with 9% of Australians having ever tried these drugs. Methamphetamine use and supply has increased in Australia from around 1998-1999, and this increase has co occurred with an increase in related problems such as stimulant induced psychosis.

Full monograph not available, see summary and implications for police prepared by Roger Nicholas.